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Building Western pride one student at a time, the 校友 Association is committed to keeping you connected long after you've earned your diploma. From 校友 events and support for scholarship to helping recruit prospective students, they serve as the connection among 校友, students, staff, and the community.

Whether you were in the class of 2022 or 1980, the 校友 Association is your lasting connection to Western.

The 校友会 愿景 and 任务


美高美网络平台游戏 校友 Association will champion a life-long relationship between 美高美网络平台游戏 and its 校友 in support of being the college of first choice in our region.


美高美网络平台游戏 校友 Association celebrates and builds traditions and promotes high quality education by engaging 校友, students, and friends of 美高美网络平台游戏.

校友会目标 & 目标

  • 进一步发展 校友 association which supports the mission and goals of 美高美网络平台游戏 and the 基金会.
    • 确保有效的 沟通校友.
    • 为…提供机会 校友 to 网络和互动 与 the college, students, and communities served.
    • 吸引 校友 透过推广 服务和支持.
    • 促进 校友 联系和参与 当前的学生 in order to enhance their educational experience and encourage their involvement as 校友.
    • 教育 校友 about the value and opportunities for 慈善事业的支持.
  • To maintain a responsible and productive 校友 协会理事会 which sets strategic direction and brings value to the work of the association.
    • Recruit enthusiastic and committed board 成员 representing the demographics of Western graduates.
    • 促进生产 委员会 支持的目的 校友 关联与增加 校友 订婚.
    • Develop high quality and effective 编程 for 校友.


参与!西方 校友 Association fosters a relationship 与 校友, building a sense of pride in their alma mater and a commitment to the work of the college. 校友 are invaluable to the College as they promote the recruitment of prospective students, 聘用美高美网络平台游戏的毕业生, 是有价值的项目资源, advocate for technical education, are role models in our communities, and provide financial support for scholarships, 项目, 以及其他大学需求.

西方 校友 Board, in collaboration 与 the 校友 Office, provides direction for the 校友 Association, facilitating strong affiliations among 校友, students, staff, and community. The board 成员 serve as leaders and role models for other 校友, ensure the mission of the Association is maintained, advise the College when requested, are liaisons between the College and its 校友, and serve as ambassadors in their communities.

斯蒂芬妮·克努森 校友 基金会协调员 美高美网络平台游戏
克雷格Halvorson 2003年CIS网络专员 Business Biology / West Salem School District
凯文Knerzer 03年会计 WKBT新闻
安娜·克莱默 07年会计 甘德森
MacKenze拉姆齐 牙科助理 河镇牙科诊所
Diedra道基森曾收到任务 16、监督管理   OptumServe健康服务

校友 董事会名誉成员

  • 保罗·巴尔末, '92 Mechanical Design, Fastenal
  • 乔什·伯格, '06 Culinary Management, UW-Stevens Point
  • Kathy Brudos '77 Nursing, Retired - 甘德森 Health System
  • 帕特Cavadini, '01 Electronic Servicing Tech, Retired - Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • 乍得达顿、 1992机械设计,ZF TRW
  • 杰夫Fancher, '81 Electronics and '86 Supervisory Management, 美高美网络平台游戏
  • 帕蒂补炉, '80 Secretarial Science, Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • 蒂娜电影, '89 Health Unit Clerk and '04 Supervisory Management, 甘德森 Health System
  • 杰西卡·弗雷, '13 Marketing, Bank of Cashton
  • 丹尼斯Hanrahan-Brown, '85 Respiratory Therapy Technician, Franciscan Healthcare
  • 蒂娜约翰, '91 Medical Administrative Specialist, Viterbo University
  • 玛丽·乔·克洛斯, '80 Nursing, 甘德森 Health System
  • 黛比勒, '97 ITC Computerized Accounting/CIS Microcomputer Spec and '07 Accounting, Hawkins, Ash, Baptie
  • 林恩楞次, '86 Respiratory Therapy Technician, 美高美网络平台游戏
  • 夏天Niemeier, '09 Business Mgmt and '99 Commercial Art, Thorson Graphics LLC
  • Lenora帕尔, '10 Respiratory Therapist, VA Medical Center
  • 瑞秋Reeck, '15 Nursing and '14 Practical Nursing, 甘德森 Health System
  • 布莱恩Reitzel, '92 Wood Tech, All American Home Inspections
  • 金正日瑞安, '03 Human Resources-Business Admin, Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center
  • Domanic Scardino, '06 Marketing, Credit Acceptance Corp
  • 桑德拉•舒尔茨 '12 Central Service Tech and '11 Disability Support Spec, 美高美网络平台游戏
  • 玛丽·乔·斯托克斯, '86 Nursing, '73 Practical Nursing, and '71 CNA, Retired - State of Wisconsin Dept. 卫生服务
  • 信达Vingers, '77 Secretarial Science and '88 Supervisory Management, Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • 琼Walleser《美高美网络平台游戏》,J & J农场
  • 比尔•韦尔奇, '70 Electronics, Retired - 美高美网络平台游戏


Western's greatest source of pride is the personal and professional achievements of its 校友, those who have gone on to distinguish themselves in their personal and professional lives, representing the best that Western has to offer. Recipients are selected based on demonstration of the following:

  • Dedicated service to the community or nation
  • 领导
  • 个人成长与成就
  • 专业成就
  • Contributions to the Western district


提名表格 截止日期为1月30日.

杰出的 校友 奖获得者



Our door is always open, even after graduation.