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Associate of Arts

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Associate Degree

Program Number: 208001  |  金融援助 Eligible
Typical Start: Fall, Spring, Summer

Save thousands of dollars and earn the same bachelor’s degree! Western’s Associate of Arts program provides up to 60 credits of general education courses, preparing you to attend one of Western’s four-year transfer partners. Our classes are tailored to fit your needs:

  • Gaining knowledge and experience in the arts that broaden perspectives
  • Increasing problem solving abilities
  • Developing improved communication skills
  • Cultivating college-level literacy practices

Choose courses that emphasize your individual educational goals! The AA degree is designed to support transfer into the humanities, business, and social sciences.

If you have a particular college or university in mind, reach out to an 顾问 before selecting courses in order to develop a transfer plan or select one the direct transfer plans developed with our four-year partners. We currently offer plans for direct transfer of AA degrees to the following University of Wisconsin - La Crosse programs:

How is this different from the Associate of Science program?

This program differs from the Associate of Science program in the following ways:

  • 12 additional credits in the Humanities and Social Science categories
  • 10 fewer credits in the Mathematics and Natural Science categories
  • No History requirement
  • Differing elective credits

Find the course options here. 


Have questions about our transfer programs? Fill out this form or meet with an 招生 Coach to find the transfer option that helps you reach your goal!

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